Aisha Malik Rodriguez
Outside Sales
Dulles, VA (Capital Party Rentals)
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An interview with Aisha Malik Rodriguez

Q.What type of events do you have the most experience in?
A.Honestly, in all types. I have done everything from very small backyard events, weddings, corporate, non-profit, LARGE music festivals, other festivals, government, galas… you name it… I’ve done it! Even a divorce party! I mean..that cracked me up
Q.How would you describe your design style?
A.I personally like clean lines and am obsessive with everything being symmetrical … however…. I don’t like to interject my opinions to my clients because I don’t want to taint their visions. Every client has a style and when I am assisting in their event… I want their design/style/vision to come out. So, I keep my opinions to myself until they are ready.
Q.Are you a DC/Northern Virginia native?
Q.What book have you recently read that has had an impact on your life?
A.Daring Greatly by Brene Brown – everyone is vulnerable and life is far from perfect. In my opinion, the strongest are those who admit their fate, fears and uncertainties … and instead of being afraid of them… accept them and learn. The strongest person out there is the one in the arena. Daring Greatly is an amazing read. Still reading as we speak.
Q.What inspires you and motivates you to be your best?
A.Well I think everyone around me inspires me, those who I have lost inspire me. I have lost a lot of people in my life … almost lost mine more than a few times … so I have learned to just enjoy every moment, be the happiest I can be and learn from the imperfections in life. Everything has a meaning, ever person who crosses your path has a purpose and try to do better/more for as many as you can.
Q.How do you spend your free time when you are not at work?
A.What do you mean not at work? Haha… I kid. I am a HUGE NACE member/supporter/Immediate Past President so I do a lot with that but that may fall into the work category… so after that… spend as much time with my crazy husband and wacky family… I just LOVE family time!
Q.How long have you been working in the event industry?
A.I have been in the event/hospitality field for about 21 years 😊 wow I’m old
Q.Do you have any pets?
A.Not even a little bit!
Q.What is your favorite food?
A.Ohhhhhh FOOD! Ok… so I have categories – Pakistani I love Haleem and Chicken Shorba, American I love love love Pizza BUT if I have to pick 1 …. I can’t
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