Jose George
Operations Manager
Dulles, VA (Capital Party Rentals)
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An interview with Jose George

Q.What was your favorite event?
A.So far RNR Marathon. The team was hitting on all cylinders and the event was awesome…
Q.How would you describe your design style?
A.I love designs that have character. So old and charming....
Q.Are you a DC/Northern Virginia native?
Q.What was your most challenging event?
A.So far with this team things are running pretty smooth, they can definitely teach me a few things and I will definitely enjoy every minute….
Q.What’s your favorite type of venue to work with?
A.Being a Rookie I am still grasping….
Q.Do you have any pets?
A.YES, and his name is cooper a 2 year old boxer who is a total goof ball….
Q.What inspires you and motivates you to be your best?
A.To Help Others Succeed
Q.How do you spend your free time when you are not at work?
A.Enjoying life
Q.What is your favorite food?
A.I am a foodie so I love good food no matter what it is…
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